High speed, high accuracy weighing at up to 120 per minute


18 head multihead combination scales offer top accuracy


Intuitive touch screen interface



Our multihead weighers offer a fantastic software facility with an easy to use, large touch screen interface.


Interface with automatic packing machines


Automatic in-feed control [Loadcell]


Intelligent software monitors each head and allows the user to quickly control the level of vibration per head in order to make running and accuracy more efficient over time. Automatic frequency control is also available.


The intelligent software system allows for automatic re-zeroing during production to ensure weights are correct and accurate as particulates build up on contact surfaces over time.


For Pillow Style Bags, Gusseted Bags and Block Bottom, Stand Up Bags.

- Drop weights from 25g to 1000gr


- Accuracy to 0.5gr per fill


- Vibration system to ensure even blend mix


- 16 multi head weigher


- Suitable for cellophane or foil




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